2011 Catalog

2011 CatalogEach catalog can be downloaded.
They are product catalogs (PDF form).
Please access each product catalog by Adobe
Acrobat Reader.

The specification indicated in the catalogs, price, design and etc. are the products at the time of issue.
It may change without a preliminary announcement for the improvement. Please note that some photographs may differ from the actual color of the product .
2011 Catalog

Number of pages
ALL P.1 - 172
  Cover P.1 - 2
  The view of a catalog P.3
  GLASS ecology P.4-5
  Policy P.6 - 7
  Material & Process P.8 - 9
  Technology P.10 - 11
  History of HARIO P.12 -13
  Hario Good Design P.14 -15
  Tea Series P.16 - 35
  Coffee Series P.36 - 59
  Drink Series P.60 - 77
  Cook Series P.78 - 105
  Color Series P.106 - 107
  Campaign Series P.108 - 129
  Spare Parts P.130 - 145
  Hario's Website P.146
  Hario's Web shop P.147
  Hario's TV CM P.148
  POP P.149 - 151
  Heat Resistant P.152
  Legal Descriptive Label P.154
  Electronic Operation P.154
  More care safety P.155
  Index P.156 - 170
  Back cover P.171 - 172